Hello! My name is Zach. I am a civil engineer working in the land development industry. I currently work and play in Boise, ID. If I’m not working, you’ll find me biking, running, playing basketball, backpacking, skiing, playing drums, or hanging out with friends.

CivilBase comes from a term that gets thrown around in my office. Every project that I work on is a collaborative effort between engineers, surveyors and landscape architects. Each team has a separate AutoCAD file for their designs, and we call those files the survey base map, landscape base map, etc. The civil base map (AKA civil base) has all of the design info for new infrastructure. It is created very early in the lifetime of a project, and it serves as the foundation for complex and multifaceted designs. To me, this illustrates the larger role that civil engineering plays in society; it enables us to live, work, play, travel, and enjoy good health. Civil engineering forms a basis for public health, safety, and welfare. This is why I chose civil engineering as my career pursuit.

CivilBase is a way for me to to share some of the things that I am passionate about; engineering, technology, and design. Thanks for visiting!